Orange Blossom Water

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Great Taste Award winner of 2016! Awarded 2 gold stars.

Essential for many Middle Eastern and Moroccan dishes. Great in meat stews, whipped cream or on fruit.


Producer: Mymoune, Ain el Kabou, The Lebanon
Just distilled orange blossoms
260ml glass bottle

Another once widespread flavouring that has unjustifiably lost its popularity in Europe. Have you ever wondered why it's difficult to recreate at home the depth of flavour you find in authentic Middle Eastern and Moroccan cooking? Dab a little orange blossom water onto your forehead, relax, think deeply and let the penny drop!


Essential for baklava and good with anything creamy or fruity, the adventurous will sprinkle a few drops onto lamb, kid or chicken dishes.


Or, try it just as soothing Middle Eastern "white coffee" (1part orange blossom water to 9 parts hot water).

Great Taste winner of 2016! Awarded 2 Gold stars.

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