Calasparra Paella Rice
  • Calasparra Paella Rice

Calasparra Paella Rice

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Considered by many to be the best rice for an authentic paella - grown in mountain waters in small quantities.


Calasparra Rice
Provenance: D.O. Arroz Calasparra
Producer: Cooperativa del Campo, Calasparra, Murcia, Spain
1kg vacuum packed bag

Cooking a proper paella requires a different technique and a different rice to risotto. Paella shouldn't be stirred to a creamy consistency but left alone to cook slowly in its broth. The Spanish consider the resulting crust at the base of the pan as the best part of a well made paella.

Calasparra is a tiny area in Murcia that produces rice of exceptional qualities - very short grains that absorb lots of flavoursome broth and plump up to a soft but distinct texture.
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