Carnaroli Rice
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Carnaroli Rice

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Superb quality - makes the best risotto you can imagine.


Carnaroli Rice
Producer: Made in Italy for Seggiano 
500g box

The grange Vercelli rice lands of the fertile Po valley are the historical centre of European rice production. Seggiano offers the highest quality Italian rice, cultivated by 3 long standing Vercelli rice producing families.
Organically produced the perfection of this rice lies with its dehusking. Using in house facilities the lightest shelling is guaranteed thus preserving the nutrients contained in the outer layer of the grain.
Carnaroli is the preferred rice of Italian chefs because the grains plump up so beautifully. The rice absorbs more liquid and flavour than Arborio or Baldo, and is less likely to go mushy if slightly overcooked. The result? - a better risotto!
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