Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Selection

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Card gift box containing two excellent extra virgin olive oils and one 250ml bottle of balsamic vinegar.




A fluted card gift box containing two excellent extra virgin olive oils and one 250ml bottle of excellent balsamic vinegar.

Nunez De Prado Flower.  1 litre tin. Free run oil is the 'flower of the oil' that gently seeps out of the freshly picked and crushed fruit before it is pressed.Organic and unfiltered this oil has a rich, floral aroma with a fine peppery finish. 
Barbera EV Olive Oil. 1 litre bottle (Sicily). A superb unfiltered Italian olive oil. Intense, fruity flavour with herbal notes.

Fattoria Estense Bronze Balsamic Vinegar , 250ml bottle (Modena Italy). Matured for 6 years, a good quality balsamic vinegar.