Vin Santo del Chianti La Pieve
  • Vin Santo del Chianti La Pieve

Vin Santo del Chianti La Pieve

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Intense, raisiny fruit, great with pannetone or tiramisu.


Producer: Tenuta Agraria La Pieve, Pieve a Presciano, Chianti, Tuscany, Italy
Provenance: D.O.C.
Size: 50 cl bottle.
Following the strict regulations of the Consorzio Chianti D.O.P., this superior Vin Santo is aged for a minimum of five years in chestnut wood barrels before bottling. Made from 75% malvasia and 25% trebbiane toscano grapes, the fruit is allowed to mature on the vine until late September, then hand picked and hung from the airy rafters of La Pieve's hunting lodge until the February snows. This concentrates the sweetness, flavour and aroma of the fruit.

Serve at 15C as a dessert wine to complement traditional Tuscan Cantuccini biscuits, or Pannetone at Christmas time. Alternatively, it makes an lovely aperitif when served chilled.
Alcohol content 15.5%
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